Case Study

Lost Profits Any Profits?

In this case study we will review how an equine management system will save time and money for an equine facility. 


How We Increased profits in a heavily labor and supplies intensive business.

In our study we will identify each area within your business you are spending and where you are earning. The equine business is an extreamly labor intesnive business, your equine friends can not take care of themselves so you will find there is a great deal of time spent in the barn, in the arena, and with your equine friends. How can you save time and justify the time you spend. This is accomplished with a software application which ensures all of the daily tasks are completed, and you can see the time spent in each area of your business.

The second area where your hard earned dollar goes is into supplies, hay, feed, bedding, removal of bedding, cost of your equine investment, medications, treatments, vet, farrier, vacinations, farm supplies and more. How are you currently tracking this information, how are you running the statistics from the data colleted, are you tracking and collecting this information?

If you are not how do you know where your hard earned money is going?


Take Your Business to The Next Level


We will get together and go through how you are currently managing your facility. When we are done I challenge you to show me you have maximize your profits and minimize your expenses.


I will show you there is a more cost effective way to manage your business.

Annual Savings


Return Users


Sales Increase


Traffic Boost



“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

John Doe, CEO

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